My Rebellious Musings

Well first off, they’re 99% rebellious but even rebels have an opinion on the mundane, so some of these articles err on the side of vanilla… forgive me. If on the other hand, I offend you when I get a tad rebellious, well forgive me then too and hang on for the ride – no doubt there is a return to vanilla in some future post. Most of all, remember these are just my opinions – I actively encourage everyone to have one or two of their own and look forward to hearing them.

My writing mostly covers my experience and learnings on business growth hacking with a focus on using exceptional stakeholder engagement as the proverbial lighthouse.

Every now and then a personal post is bound to filter in and of course, I could refrain from adding any personality to this blog but I don’t think that’s authentic so you’ll just have to go with it, besides I have a feeling you may appreciate knowing I’m not a robot or a hired gun.

Whoever you are, rebel, vanilla pod, or anyone in between – I’m grateful you’re here and appreciate you taking the time to explore my musings. I’d love your feedback; I can take praise or criticism and would love any ideas or thoughts you may have on any of the topics I discuss.  Perhaps you want to contribute as a guest blogger?